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Michelle Cash, Emeritus
Conrad Druker, Emeritus
Daniel L. Haggerty, Emeritus
Eleanor Horne, Emeritus
Stephen S. Murray, Ex Officio

board of trustees

Rachel Cantlay, President
Lindsey Bohra, Vice President
Sue Kirkland, Secretary
Raji Sathappan, Treasurer
Jori Fahrenfeld, Immediate Past-President

Teresita Bastides-Heron
Kelly Bidle, PhD
Felicia DeVincenzi
Betsy Kreger
Pam Mount
Elizabeth Read
Bryan Screws
Christine Tarby, PhD
Dennis Waters, PhD

Organization History

The Lawrence Township Community Foundation (LTCF) was founded in 2002, when Pam Mount, Eleanor Horne of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Becky Taylor of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) realized that the needs of the residents of Lawrence Township could be served by a community foundation. ETS and BMS committed their support along with Dan Haggerty (Stark & Stark) and Conrad Druker (The Mercadien Group) and the LTCF was formed.

The LTCF is dedicated to supporting local non-profits that provide critical assistance to local residents in need, as well as funding programs that foster and enrich all the residents of the community through education, music and the arts. Over the years, we have created relationships with local charities making sure that the grant dollars invested provide the highest rate of return back to our community.

Recognizing the importance of connecting with the residents of Lawrence to help identify their needs, the LTCF hosts an annual Community Conversation which brings together residents from all the neighborhoods in Lawrence for a township-wide meeting. Over the years, some great programs have been created as a result of these conversations, including arts festivals, Sustainable Lawrence, and the `Welcome to Lawrence’ signs around town, to name a few.

Organization Charter

The Lawrence Township Community Foundation, Inc. was organized and exists for the following charitable purposes:

  • To foster supportive community and private sector relationships to service the interests and needs of the residents of Lawrence Township, New Jersey

  • To seek donations of money, time, equipment and services to support the Foundation's goal of promoting a sustainable community in Lawrence Township through the efficient management of the available resources

  • To make funding distributions to non-profit groups and organizations serving the needs of the Lawrence Township community consistent with the organization's charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code

  • To serve as a catalyst to support and enhance community improvement and development programs in Lawrence Township


  • Christine Lee

  • Lara Lovett

  • Linda Lutes

  • Brian S. Malone

  • Terry McEwen

  • Robin McGovern

  • James McKenna

  • Christine Messina-Boyer

  • Nikki Mosgrove

  • Kenneth Najjar

  • Rita Nini

  • Andre Pollack

  • Jill Posluszny

  • David Prescott

  • Peggy Prescott

  • Paula Rossi

  • Steve Rudenstein

  • Christina Spoegler

  • Karla T. Stein

  • Jane Syseskey

  • Mary Tanner

  • John P. Thurber

  • Dr. Pat Wendell

  • Diane Wilfrid

  • Valerie Whittaker

  • Joanne Adams

  • Kenneth Ashworth

  • Blanche Brann

  • William H. Brosha

  • David S. Carle

  • Anne Casale

  • Ralph Copleman, dec.

  • Stephanie Bradberry Crosby

  • Keith H. Dewey, PhD

  • William Dickey, dec.

  • Elizabeth Duffy

  • Diane Efthimides

  • John Eory

  • Michelle Everman

  • Rev Dawn Raelene Flippin

  • Janice Flesher

  • William Guhl

  • Mary Harrison

  • Carlos Hendricks

  • Helen Holmes

  • William Holmes

  • Laura Hyatt, PhD

  • Dr. Harvey Kornberg

  • Richard Krawczun

  • Kirk LeCompte