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Apply for a Grant

Any nonprofit organization that is based in Lawrence Township and that broadly serves the residents of Lawrence Township and enhances community life is eligible to submit a grant request. Every grant requesting organization must certify its classification as a 501(c)(3) organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service.


A grant request can be submitted for any amount up to $5,000. A specific project will not receive more than $5,000 in one calendar year. Organizations may submit an application in the next grant cycle but it must be for a new project.

In most cases, grant awards do not exceed $10,000 in a calendar year to any one organization. However, the Foundation reserves the right to make exceptions, when in its judgment, the needs of the Township and the services provided by the grant recipient are particularly strong.

Priority will be given to projects that meet new, emerging needs in Lawrence Township, rather than underwriting expenses in annual operating budgets.



The Foundation funds projects that impact the quality of life and well being of the residents of Lawrence Township. In considering each grant, the foundation will consider many tangible and intangible factors to include, but not limited by the following:

  • Merits of the project

  • Impact of the quality of life on Lawrence Township residents

  • How broad the potential impact may be

  • The amount of the grant request, the merits of competing grant requests, and the Foundation's available funds

In addition, for prior LTCF Grant Recipients, a progress report for the last grant received must be included with the new grant request if one has not been sent previously. This progress report should answer these basic questions:

  • How did you use the money to benefit the people of Lawrence Township?

  • What results have you seen/do you expect?

  • What do you see as the two major needs of the community?

  • How do you see the Foundation addressing these needs?

The grant request should provide a clear description of the organization and project being funded, who will benefit and how, and a detailed description of the work to be performed or the items to be purchased. A cover page, budgets for both the organization and the project, and a copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) should be attached. Click and download the Grant Application.

The two major funders of the Lawrence Township Community Foundation - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and ETS— support our efforts with the expectation that most projects benefiting the Township and its residents will be funded through the LTCF. Organizations seeking significant funding or support for projects that benefit Township residents as well as nonresidents should contact ETS or BMS to determine whether it would be in the applicant's best interest to seek funding directly from the corporations.


At this time the Foundation will not be funding:

  • Building renovations, new facility construction, capital expenses

  • Dinners, galas or other ticketed events

  • Endowments

  • Individuals for any purpose

  • Political lobbying activities or other political purposes

  • Projects for religious purposes

  • Programs fundable under the guidelines of the Lawrence Township Education Foundation or otherwise within the purview of the Lawrence Township Public Schools

Please feel free to contact a grant buddy, or any member of the Foundation for grant assistance.